Alina Products

Alina Products

[ cleanse ]

Grapefruit Facial Wash
Aloe vera & seaweed extracts and allantoin soothe and nourish skin. Essential oil of grapefruit provides natural antiseptic action. This gentle, yet effective wash deep cleans and removes excess oil without overstripping.


Gentle Cleansing Milk
A mild, unscented cleanser that is neither greasy nor drying. Especially ideal for sensitive skins that redden or irritate easily or are aggravated by environmental factors or essential oils. Gentle Cleansing Milk features a unique blend of cleansing agents and the skin soothers azulene and boswellia serrata.


Linden Blossom Cleansing Creme
A gentle, emulsifying cleansing milk with a non-foaming formula. Contains soothing botanical extracts and essential oil of linden blossom, it provides gentle moisture while replenishing skin.

[ tone ]

Balancing Toner
Provides necessary moisture without excess oil. A refreshing antiseptic toner that sweeps away excess oils and debris as it soothes and purifies. Witch hazel gently calms & balances oily skin, while chamomile, grapefruit & lemon essential oils leave skin super clean without overdrying.


Hydrating Toner
This soothing blend of sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang & rose oils is specially formulated for moisture-deficient skin to encourage moisture retention & promote healing. Restores pH balance & removes residue left on the skin from makeup, cleansers & the mineral deposits in tap water.


Botanical Toner
This pure, alcohol-free, aromatherapeutic toner features a refreshing and purifying essential oil blend. Restores pH and lightly hydrates, binding moisture to the skin, leaving it smooth and supple. The antibacterial properties of lavender and teatree also soothe minor irritations.

[ exfoliate ]

Micro Face Polish
Your skin will glow! This rejuvenating gel-based polish gently sweeps away dead skin cells, refines surface texture & helps decongest skin. Rounded Jojoba microbeads won’t scratch as you masssage, infusing your skin with soothing moisture, while a blend of botanical extracts encourage cellular regeneration. An effective exfoliant for those who are sensitive to alpha or beta hydroxy acids.

[ hydrate ]

Ultra Lite Hydrate
For skin that disagrees with the feel of most moisturizers, this feather-light gel-crème absorbs without a trace, as it hydrates and protects against moisture loss. Antioxidant vitamins & asafetida extract promote healing while helping to fade red or brown spots. Lavender and teatree provide antiseptic benefits.


Light Moist Day Creme
For those who don’t like the feel of a heavy moisturizer, this lightweight, non-greasy crème absorbs quickly, delivering just the right amount of moisture. Provides daily nutrients for healthy skin while it hydrates & smoothes fine lines. Allantoin & aloe vera calm and soothe.


Calming Day Creme
A favorite of those in need of soothing hydration. A unique blend of calming extracts help reduce redness, while antioxidant vitamins A & E balance and protect fragile skin. Sodium hyaluronate ensures that moisture levels remain high, further reducing excess sensitivity.


Hydra-Comfort Creme
To a soothing, emollient base of shea butter, vitamin-rich avocado oil & evening primrose oil, we add an exclusive blend of phytonutrients to calm and balance thin, sensitive skin. Its creamy formula feels silky and smooth, melting into sensitive, dry skin to protect from environmental irritants & restore needed moisture.


Botanical Hydrating Creme
This effective anti-aging and moisture protection formula begins with an emollient base of nutrient-rich oils, including evening primrose, beneficial for strengthening skin’s natural lipid barrier. A unique blend of phytonutrients encourages cellular regeneration to restore balance, nourish & gently firm stressed skin.

[ Treatment Masks ]

Hydrating Collagen Mask
Provides intensive moisture! This soothing mask combines the softening, healing power of an aloe vera gel base with the deep hydrating benefits of plant pseudocollagen. Nourishing plant oils and antioxidant vitamins A, C & E promote increased circulation & cellular repair, resulting in glowing, super-hydrated skin

  • Recommended for seasonal treatment in drier, cold weather to boost hydration levels.
  • Before special event makeup application for a smooth finish
  • For hands as part of a hydrating manicure


Green Tea Calming Mask
This ultra-soothing, oil-free gel mask is a must for those with sensitive, blotchy skin or a complexion that reddens easily.
The cooling, blue mask is packed with ingredients to calm skin and reduce irritation, redness and inflammation.
Green tea extract provides a protective antioxidant boost while azulene, chamomile, calendula, allantoin & the powerful ayurvedic calming agent, boswellia serrata, help skin recover and rebalance.


A C E Vitamin Treatment Mask
This creamy, nourishing mask delivers an infusion of moisture and antioxidant vitamins directly to dry, stressed or prematurely aging skin.
Shea butter melts into skin to hydrate and soften, while essential fatty acids soothe irritation and support healthy functioning of the skin’s lipid barrier.
Vitamin C-rich rosehip oils join with vitamins A and E to fight free radicals and promote collagen production.


Detox Clay Mask
This oil-absorbing kaolin clay mask purifies problem, oily or combination skin.
A detoxifying complex includes antiseptic tea tree, basil & camphor essential oils to help banish bacteria and prevent future breakouts, while lavender & roman chamomile soothe eruptive tendencies and calm irritated skin.
Helps clear red marks/pigmentation post-acne.
Rich in vitamins, essential minerals and vital nutrients to support healthy skin functioning.

[ Intense Treatments ]

Hydra-Collagen Cream
This rich, soothing aloe and plant pseudocollagen formula provides optimum moisture retention via antioxidant vitamins A, C and E and the deep hydrating benefits of collagen.
Designed for dry skin, but also recommended as a seasonal “upgrade” for normal skin in drier or cold weather when normal moisturizer may not provide enough hydration.
Smoothes appearance of fine lines and replenishes skin’s tone, texture and beauty.


5-2-8-0 Intensive Replenish
A high-performance treatment formula designed to repair dry, devitalized skin and protect against signs of premature aging.
A creamy base of natural lipids restores critical moisture & strengthens the skin’s defense system.
Soothing, healing, botanical extracts & antioxidant vitamins encourage cellular repair and optimize skin health.

[ Specialty Eyecare ]

Eye-Hydration Creme
Keep eyes looking younger, longer with this creamy, protective formula!
Natural emollients provide deep hydration, while mushroom extract firms delicate skin around the eyes, smoothing the appearance of fine lines.
Vitamin-rich botanicals provide antioxidant benefits while azulene, cornsilk, and linden blossom calm.


Eye Contour Gel
This light, cooling formula reduces puffiness as it
hydrates and gently firms.
Astringent cucumber extract soothes and tightens
undereye skin, while arnica extract helps diminish dark circles, improving the texture of fragile skin around the eyes.
A powerful blend of vital nutrients ensures optimum skin condition, texture and tone.
For an extra soothing, cooling eye treatment, keep in refrigerator.

[ Suncare ]
Tan AND Protect

Face Protection SPF 15
This new, gentle formula is drenched with the latest advances in UVA/UVB and sun protection technology! Contains an encapsulated Organic Sunscreen, Zinc Oxide, & Photolyase, a sea plankton enzyme known to protect the skin from UV DAMAGE!


Face Protection SPF 30
Sensitive skin OPTIMAL PROTECTION FORMULA…Same gentle formula as Alina Sun spf 15 but with twice the UVA/UVB sun protection!


Rainsilk Face & Body Oil with SPF 15
Protects while it moisturizes! Skin looks and feels silky smooth all day with this light, freshly-scented moisturizing oil! Developed for the intense sun and dry air of Colorado. An excellent after bath treatment!


Aloe Soothing Gel
For RELIEF from INFLAMMATION…Ideal for post sun, post shaving & even mosquito bites! Contains aloe vera, green tea, licorice and extracts of kola, maté and guarona!


Sunless Tan Face+Body
A DEEP, DARK, NATURAL LOOKING TAN…Safely & effectively without sun exposure! Special formulation provides a natural looking tan gradually!