How to Use Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair?

How to Use Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair?

It is very much necessary to provide the deep conditioner to your hair especially if they are curly so as to provide them strengthening and healthy and lengthy growth.  Below are some of the smart tips that you can follow to make your curls healthy and make them look beautiful.

Know the right hair products for your curly hair

Depending on the absorption of the moisture on your hair, depends the porosity of your curly hair. And if you have low porosity with tight cuticle you need the best deep conditioner for curly hair which is light in weight and for high porosity, you need a hair product that helps in retaining moisture.

How to Use Leave in Conditioner for Curly Hair?


Get rid of dandruff from your curly hair

To make your hair look healthy and voluminous then you need to apply oil regularly but it can be an invitation to dandruff. You can make your own hair spray and get rid of dandruff easily.

Fix the flat roots on your curly hair

You can treat your flat roots on your hair by using the clippings on the root of your head and make the curls look more in volume and always dry your hair using the air dry only. After showering, you can plop your hair.

Get rid of the detangles on your curly hair

You must never comb your hair when they are wet to detangle them especially if you have curly hair. The reason behind it is that your hair when wet are very much fragile and weak. So, it is necessary to use the comb with wide teeth.

Get rid of the over falling of your curly hair

To prevent the breakage to your curly hair you can use the deep conditioner for curly hair and then when they are dry comb them from the bottom only. You should not start combing your hair from the root to cause split – ends.

Deep condition your curly hair

You should never apply the best deep conditioner when they are wet but when your hairs are completely dry and this helps in retaining the maximum moisture on your head. To increase the potency to your curly hair, apply the conditioner when they are dry.

Wash your curly hair without stripping

If you are relying on the regular shampoo for your curly hair, then you must take extra care of your hair. As with the regular hair products, your hair becomes dry and sometimes they are so much heavy for your fragile or even the fine curls.

Take care of your dry curly hair

If you have got the extra dry curly hair on your head then you must only use the deep conditioner and do not let your curls get in touch with the shampoo. You can rely on the co-wash also.

Make your curly hair looks more voluminous

If you are short in time and in a hurry then in place of waiting for your hair to get completely dry, you can comb your hair when they are sopping wet. This will help your curls to get bouncy and strong.

Get rid of frizz on your curly hair: If you want to get rid of the frizzy hair, then you can wash your hair using the best deep conditioner for curly hair and then after that plop them. You can dry your hair using a t-shirt to get springy hair and frizz-free.

Preserve curls on your hair

If you want to preserve your curly hair and prevent them from getting pulled out or frizzy then you can use the best deep conditioner for curly hair. You can also treat your hair with the pineapple trick in which you have to tie your hair in the forward direction.

Make your own cream for your curly hair

You can make your own hair cream using the leave-in conditioner and curl gel to prevent the dryness of your hair. You can also simply rely on the best deep conditioner for curly hair which also helps in treating the damp hair.

Spread coconut oil on your curly hair

You can use the coconut oil on your dry curls before washing them and wait for at least 45 minutes and leave them in the form of a bun. This will make them fully saturated and will help you in retaining moisture.

Refresh your curly hair with hair spray

You can easily refresh your curl by washing them using the best deep conditioner for curly hair. And after that, you can also use the hair spray made at home to spread the fragrance into the curls of your own choice. You can make a mixture of the warm water mixed well in the leave-in conditioner and keep in the bottle with a nozzle.

Use fresh pillow cover or bedsheets

The frizzy hair that you have got on curls can also be due to the hard material of clothes of bedsheets or pillow cover you are using. So, to prevent the frizzy from your beautiful and voluminous curl, you can use the bed sheets made out of the silk to easily slide them off instead of getting stuck on the hard surface of bedsheets.


The curly hair if have volume and are tangled free then only they look value are meant to be appreciated and it is a wish of every woman to get appreciated. So, only the best deep conditioner for curly hair is the only way that helps them in getting such compliments from others and also desire to look beautiful. We highly hope that this article would definitely help you in knowing the ways to keep the leave-in conditioner on your curly air and makes them look all-natural and it may have also helped you in keeping them healthy.